Change Management Agent

Changing managing agent is simple, all we need is:

Your authority

We will do the rest!

Many agents want you to believe that a management agreement locks you in for the term
of your tenant’s lease.

This is UNTRUE.  You can change managing agents without affecting the tenancy in any way,
even if your property is tenanted and on a current lease。

  • It is legal to transfer of management of your investment property, even if there is a fixed
    term lease of 12 months or more in place.
  • There are no costs incurred and your current agent can’t apply any penalties.

Often the reason many investors continue to accept mediocre service is because they think
it’s too hard to change property managers during a current tenancy.

Don’t be told otherwise. Switching is easy.

You don’t even need to make a call. Once we have your authority, we can notify your current
managing agent and arrange to pick up your property file and keys from their office.

Our Guarantees:

* Lower fees
* Better services
* Lower vacancies
* Better returns

DID you know?

* Switching is easy, just sign 2 documents and we do the rest
* Your tenants lease will remain valid even if you change agents mid term.
* We do everything; you don’t even have to make a call to your old agent.

When should I switch?

Like pulling out a splinter – waiting does not help. The longer you leave a splinter the worse it gets. You can choose to stay where you are and continue to lose money or bite the bullet and make the switch today.

Act Now, Benefit More!

Contact us or simply download/sign/return the “Transfer Letter” and we will take care the rest!